Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion – Prologue

Phase I
The many miles from Paxil to Prozac
Lost between the major seventh and black
Twisting between Satanic charisma
The rose scented valley of Celexa
Longing for the fourth dimension of need
Worms carving homes inside the books of creed
Forbidden bite laced in euphoria
Sucking them down into hysteria

Phase II
Sensual dance of the morning sunrise
Promising the lonesome will be alright
Ancient dials of blood and time slowing down
Witnessing the passing down of the crown
The cartel of norm losing all control
The bonds of families no longer whole
Diving into the ocean of despair
Swimming away from all that is unfair

Phase III
A thousand black nights downing in their dark eyes
Breaking all sacred ties to reach new highs
Floating into a blissful state of mind
Leaving the dreadful wrong and right behind
Gazing beyond the valleys and hills
Feeling the shallow water’s broken chills
The fire and flowers burning inside
Choirs’ desires conspiring outside

Phase IV
Through the white haze, breathing in, breathing out
The valley of bliss sinking in a drought
Rings of lavender, vanilla and wood
Around bonds not meant to be understood
Rhythm of hearts beating in the faint light
Never ending hope shielding the night
Gliding beyond red lips of warm chocolate
Tongues sliding between moments delicate

Phase V
Waking up to the rhythm of the rain
The unspoken words left hanging in vain
A sad smile lifting the clouds of sorrow
Promising to fight storms of tomorrow
Elegant Queen of Hearts ripping apart
The Ace of Spades struggling to depart
Finger picking souls at the gates of hell
Forever echoing down the dark well

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