The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven I

Arius made his way up to the counter. The officer handed him his set of keys, a thin stack of bills clipped together and his watch. This is all he had on him when he was arrested. Arius grabbed his belongings and turned around. The impressive gains over the years spent at the prison gym had made him almost unrecognizable.

Three sets of gates opened and closed one after another as Arius made his way out. He felt the eyes of the prison guards up in the tower zooming down at him. For the last ten years he had watched his fellow inmates being released. They looked forward to the day. They had people from the outside world pick them up. Arius walked out alone.

It was a bright afternoon. A clear summer sky surrounded the sun. The soil was soaked in last night’s rain. The scent of the earth freshened the air. Arius walked down the edge of the road. The prison was situated miles from civilization. There was no sidewalk along this road. The only traffic in this part of town was made up of those going to the prison or those leaving it. Arius knew this was going to be a long walk.

By sunset he reached the outskirts of the city. The town was still the same. It never changed. Arius walked into a familiar motel and checked himself in. He felt lonely out in the real world. It was quiet. He laid his belonging on the bedside table and fell sleep. The day after, he woke up at four in the morning to the realization of this prison being colder than the one he had been locked up in.

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