The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven II

This is part II of a three part series.

Read The Unforgiven I here

Arius got out of bed and made his way to local breakfast place two blocks down.

“Just one?” the waitress asked.

Arius nodded. The waitress grabbed a menu.

“Please follow me,” she said.

She led him to a small circular table with two chairs. Arius sat down. The waitress opened the menu and placed it in front of him on the table.

“Can I get you something to drink while you decide?”


“Certainly,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”

Arius looked out the window. This morning wasn’t as bright as yesterday. Dark clouds hung low in the sky. He heard the unmistakable sound of a Harley Davidson pull up into the parking. The man parked the motorcycle. He got off, took off his shades and made his way towards the entrance. The man appeared to be in his fifties. He towered over those around. His white was hair parted to one side. His skin aged. The confidence in his eyes flickered as a testament of authority. He walked over to Arius, pulled out a chair and sat down to face him.

“Left early?”

“Spent ten years,” replied Arius

“We waited.”

The waitress walked over with a glass of water. Noticing another man, she smiled and asked, “Would you like anything to drink?”

“I’ll have a cup of coffee,” said Klaus.

Arius sat back relaxed in his chair. He had learned to adopt this posture in prison in order to remain unreadable.

“You’ve grown up,” said Klaus with a smile.

Arius sipped his water and placed the glass gently on the table. In prison nothing is made of glass. It’s done to prevent inmates from using everyday objects as weapons. Arius thought about smashing the glass on Klaus but his will to make a clean break stopped him from doing so.

“The strong silent type,” said Klaus. “How did that work out for you in the big house?”

“It was alright,” replied Arius.

Klaus paused for a moment. “You’re giving off this vibe like you don’t like me.”


“You really think you can leave it all and start over?”

Arius took another sip of water. He slowly placed his glass back on the table. He looked into Klaus’ eyes. “There is nothing stopping me”, said Arius.

“That’s where you’re wrong kid,” said Klaus. “Once you’re in, you’re in it for life. Have you not heard that before?”

Arius felt the eyes of strangers on him. Life in the prison had taught Arius to be aware of his soundings at all times. The waitress walked over with their order. She placed the dishes on the table. “If there is anything else you like please let know,” she said. She smiled and left.

The men began eating.

“Just remember things have changed while you’ve been away. We have men eager to move up,” said Klaus. “They are eager to take care of business.”

“Is that a threat?”

“If I wanted that I could have taken care of it while you were locked up,” stated Klaus. “Think about it. It’s not an option.”

Arius didn’t respond.

“Breakfast’s on us,” Klaus placed the cash under the edge of his plate with a generous tip. “Welcome back.”

Arius looked at Klaus for an extended minute. He knew this would be their last meeting.

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