The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven III

This is part III of a three part series.

Read The Unforgiven I here and The Unforgiven II here

Arius spent the day outside in public eye. It was the safest option. In the evening he arrived at the club house. There was a motorcycle parked outside. Arius wasn’t sure what to make of it. It contradicted his assumption. He walked in.

A man stood by on the far side of the room. The man reached out for his gun but before he got hold of it Arius grabbed him by his hair and smacked his face against the wall. The man knocked out leaving a trail of blood on the wall.

Arius stepped over the pool of blood on the floor. He didn’t have time to search for the incriminating documents Klaus held against him. Instead, Arius pulled out the man’s gun and sprinkled gun powder in the club house before setting it ablaze. Arius strolled out, got on the motorcycle outside and vanished into the night. He was free.

Speeding through the traffic Arius thought about how far he had come. Throughout the ten years he had spent behind bars, he had wanted to make a clean break. Time had come. He remained composed but he knew he was running behind schedule. The fear of being wire tapped had prevented him from acquiring a phone. The life he had chosen made everyday convinces inaccessible. He made his way to the harbor.

As soon as he parked the motorcycle and stepped off, a black sedan with tinted windows stopped behind him and blocked his path. He walked back towards the car. The headlights blinded him. Three men stepped out of the car but Arius wasn’t able to make out their faces.

As the men came closer their faces became visible to Arius. He recognized Klaus. Two other men accompanied him. They formed a loose arc around Arius. The man standing beside Klaus, looked at Klaus, then looked at Arius and then Klaus again. Klaus nodded. The man then swung a fist at Arius. Arius swung to the right but it caught him in the shoulder. He was swung around. He lost his placement in the pouring rain. The man grabbed Arius from the back while the other punched him. Blood ran down this face. Klaus leaned against the hood of the car and lit a cigarette.

Arius elbowed the man behind him and set himself free. He then threw a left handed jab at the man in front of him. The man behind Arius recovered from the blow and grabbed Arius by the throat. Arius grabbed onto his hands and loosened their hold on him. Arius cracked his knuckles and broke his fingers. The man screamed in agony.

As soon as the man in front of Arius regained his balanced, Arius landed an upper cut to his jaw followed by another punch to the man’s face breaking his jaw. His jaw hung loose as he fell down to his side, leaving a thick trail of blood that followed his fall. The grey sky turned black. The rain poured on.

Klaus smoked the last of his cigarette and flicked it aside.

“Unfortunately we don’t get to pick our kids,” said Klaus. The silence broke.

“Unfortunately we don’t get to pick our fathers either,” said Arius. Silence fell.

Arius turned around and strolled towards the sailboat that waited for him. This was the only boat at the harbor that had its lights on imparting a subtle hint of life. On its bow were the words ‘The Unforgiven’.

Arius stepped onto the boat. His 3 year old girl in dungarees ran towards him. Klaus looked towards the boat from a distance. He noticed a warm embrace between Arius and a woman from Arius’ past.

Klaus pulled the trigger. The bullet pierced through the windows and struck the woman in her head. She fell down. Bits of her head splashed in all directions. Arius turned around in shock. His eyes wide open. Another shot rang out. It struck Arius in his forehead.

The little girl was blocked from Klaus’ view. She watched in horror as blood seeped in all directions squirting out of what remained of their lifeless bodies. Flesh and bone had been blown on to the window behind them. Their remains slid down leaving smears of thick dark blood.

The rain poured in through the shattered window. The little girl stood in shock. Her eyes wide open. Rain trickled down her bangs. Her jaw trembled and she let out a cry. Rain and tears ran down her face. Her cries muted by the thunder. The boat rocked like a cradle.

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