Toronto Coronavirus Diaries

Toronto Coronavirus Diaries – April 5


It has been three weeks now. All non-essential businesses have shut down. Over half of the Covid19 cases in Ontario are from Toronto. People are working from home.

I made a trip to the grocery store earlier this week. It was hard not to notice the empty sidewalks. Even during the cold Canadian winter, people do step outside to take a stroll or run. I saw one man running. Other than that, the sidewalks were deserted.

There is a Sobeys that is located close to my home. It wasn’t crowded. I am guessing those that are hoarding may have finished their visits by now.

One can’t find hand sanitizers and other cleaning products. I noticed there was a limit of two per customer for milk and cream. The pasta shelf was still empty since I was there a week ago. Maybe it just has to do with the time that I was visiting. Other than that, it was business as usual. One can still go out and buy essentials.

People here seem to understand social distancing. I didn’t notice anyone getting into each other’s space. On my way there and back, I passed a Tim Hortons coffee shop. The drive-through was as busy as it always is. Those that need their coffee, need their coffee. Perhaps ‘Essential Businesses’ is a term that is open to interpretation.

I have been listening to the album In Rainbows by Radiohead. I feel the collection beautifully captures my current state of thinking and reflection. It’s hard to say what will happen when this is over; however, I feel there is a change coming.

Everyone is currently in a self-imposed solitary lockup. That gives everyone time to think and reflect upon the life choices they have made. I feel once this is over, people would be more motivated to do the things that they were saving for a later time. Granted, not everyone would have the means to do so right away; however, this is bound to cause a significant social change.

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