Toronto Coronavirus Diaries

Toronto Coronavirus Diaries – April 29


It’s been more than a month. Life goes on. Earlier, I was reading an article about how the lockdown has been lifted in Wuhan; however, no one is going out to eat at restaurants. It got me thinking about how life will change once this is all over. The new normal will be much different from the one we remember.

Here in Toronto, people have started protests against the lockdown. There was a man at this protest holding a sign saying, ‘I need a haircut’. It is easy to come up with a justification when one has already decided what they want.

The good thing about being locked up at home is one has plenty of time to read. I am currently reading a fantastic book on John Milton. Paradise Lost by John Milton was my introduction to epic poems. I have read it several times over the years, but I know little about Milton himself. This is a good read. At times I like reading about olden times. They provide a pleasant escape from the current reality.

I am also rereading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I find his writing especially relevant in current times. This is an excellent book to read if you’re feeling down and are looking for motivation. Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor, and these are his journal entries. He lived a life of hardships but remained positive through it all. He is considered a thought leader behind Stoic Philosophy.

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