Crossroads – Toronto to Remain in Stage 2 of Reopening

Since my last update, Toronto has entered stage 2 of reopening. Indoors malls have opened up. South of Canada in the United States, cases of Covid-19 continue to see an increase. However, Canada appears to be at the end of the first wave.

A walk around the neighbourhood seems more normal now. There is a noticeable increase in the number of people riding bicycles. The bicycle shops in the city are overwhelmed with orders. Residential pool construction businesses are also busier than ever as residents have limit most recreation activities to their homes.

People are now allowed to use restaurant patios; however, the number of people on the patio’s is noticeably lower than usual. This decrease was especially evident around Canada Day.

The night before Canada Day, July 1st is always a busy night. I recall seeing heard of people gathered outside till the early hours of the morning last year. The restaurant businesses are certainly nowhere back to how they were before the lockdown.

Several mall parking lots are now turning into drive-in movie theatres for mall employees and frontline workers. For now, life seems to be headed back to normal in Canada. There is, however, a possibility of a second wave.

The park and hiking trails in and around Toronto are noticeably busier than ever. Typically, they are only busy on long holiday weekends. Nowadays, they are noticeably packed all the time. Many hiking trails outside of Ontario have set a limit on the maximum number of people at any given time to help with social distancing.

Much of Ontario is moving into Stage 3 of reopening on July 17th. However, the Greater Toronto Area is to remain in Stage 2 for the time being. Nearly all business and public spaces will be allowed to reopen with stage 3, and the number of people allowed to gather indoor and outdoors would also be increased. It is yet to be decided when Toronto will enter Stage 3.

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  1. There are many more bicycles out and about here (in Germany) too. My daughter’s boyfriend’s dad owns a bicycle shop and he is incredibly busy!!
    I hope you are feeling well!

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