Plato’s Courtyard


Plato’s Courtyard was created as a concept under which I categorized music that is contemplative and has lyrics that are thought provoking. Over the years, the music has evolved but has always remained grounded in blues and heavy metal. In sync with a desire for complete creative control, Plato’s Courtyard has always remained a one man project.

Under the name of Plato’s Courtyard, I have been performing in the Greater Toronto Area since year 2007. Plato’s Courtyard has always been a side project that takes second stage to my writing. Over the years it has reaped a faithful following.

The music for the most part is improvised live. Hence, I have never felt the need to produce a full studio recording. If you’re seeking escapism, relaxation and a thought provoking experience, I’d recommend that you drop by one of the gigs.